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The focus of Affinity Multisport is to provide each and every person with individualized, executive level multisport coaching. In this era of triathlon participation, Gina Kehr is your go-to boutique coach that provides you the attention you need, with your lifestyle in mind!

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Why Affinity Multisport?


Communication Importance

A lot of time, energy and money goes into your training. There are many obstacles that can derail you along the way. Communication is the key to ​
​overcoming and even bypassing those challenges.


Supportive ​Coaching

You don’t have to do it alone. ​Life balance is hard work.
​Affinity prides itself on being able to give you the emotional support you need to reach your full potential.


Customized workouts

We don’t do cookie-cutter workouts. At your level of athletic pursuit, you need workouts specific to your ability to get where you need to be.


Unique Training Program

Creativity!!! That is one part of what it takes to make training fun. No two people are alike, neither are their needs and neither are their workout plans.


Lifestyle Designed

If your lifestyle can’t fit a workout plan then it is a plan wasted. All of our workout plans are designed with your lifestyle in mind. Get the most out of it – live it!



There are times when you may need more attention. ​Affinity offers group training from time to time as well as special one on one workouts. All are on a as they come basis and tailored specific to Affinity athletes.

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A Coaches Experiment

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Experience is everything.” I’ve been hearing from others as far back as Wildflower Long Course 1998. It was my first year as a professional and it may have even been one of my first races. I was 10th that year, Heather Fuhr had won...

3 Tips for Swimming Faster

I love to coach swimming. I get to meet new athletes and see some of the athletes I coach personally on a weekly basis. I also love that I get to use my experience as a collegiate swimmer and professional triathlete to produce fun and exciting workouts. One of the...

Training for the New Year

Not more than a few weeks into the new year I heard two athletes talking about how they were on day 1 of their Ironman training. When I asked them what race they were training for they said Ironman Tahoe. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that about 9 months away?”...

Client Testimonials

I've been coached my Gina for the past 3 years and she has taken me from a casual age grouper to a top 10 AG finisher in all of my triathlons in one season. She has prepped me for success in every distance of triathlon including my first full ironman. Her approach to the sport trains not only your body but your mind and well-being.
I am a full time engineer and Gina has customized my workout schedule to integrate into my work schedule. She is flexible and responsive to feedback and output results of key workouts. She will be your biggest cheerleader and loudest motivator during your workouts and races.
Gina's strengths as a coach are great communication, her vast knowledge of the sport, and her ability to make you believe in yourself and the work you've put in to achieve your athletic goal.

Randi S.

I was a former national-level rower, with 6 completed Ironman triathlons in respectable times. I sites were always on Kona, but my performance had plateaued at the "back-of-front-of-pack" level. Gina spent the time to understand my family and professional limitations. We experimented with training at differing volumes and intensity. About 18 months after training together, I qualified for Kona. And, I've since qualified again!

Dennis W.

At 52 years old I decided to take on Ironman. I didn't own a bike and could barely swim. Within a year, I successfully completed my first IM, and I owe it all to Gina. She kept me healthy, strengthened my mind and body, and helped me balance training with my chaotic life as a hospital senior executive. Gina and I discussed my nutrition, sleep patterns and my often unhealthy desire to over train. I'm is a huge commitment; so is the rest of life. Gina was a pro at helping me strike the balance that worked for me.

Craig A.

See you at the finish line!