Training Packages

Training Packages – Overview

Thanks for your interest in Affinity Multisport. We currently represent athletes from sprint distance triathlon to ironman world championships.

The Advantage Program - 1 on 1 personal coaching

This is a custom written plan that is personalized to your training level, needs, and goals. ​​
This plan is for the person who needs/wants more interaction with their coach and has specific goals (races) they are striving for.​ ​

​This plan can be viewed as a partnership between the athlete and coach, has weekly scheduled calls, open email and text. ​
This type of plan is dynamic due to the fact it changes
with your needs and life’s distractions.​ This is an excellent choice for someone who is looking to get the most out of their training.

Custom Plan - 12 to 15 week plan based on your goals

This is a custom plan that is personalized to your training level, needs, ​lifestyle constraints ​
and goals for a specific race. ​ ​

The plan is customized through a 30​-45​
minute consultation getting all necessary information needed to write the plan​. The 12-15 week ​
plan ​is then written ​
for you. ​A final
call​ of 30-45 minutes is scheduled​
that goes over the entire plan and ​final
changes​ can made at that time​
if necessary.​ This is an excellent choice for someone not looking for one on one coaching but wants more of a customized plan.
*Add on extra consultations​ at an additional price.

Consultations - 45 min sessions

Have a race coming up and thought you could do it on your own and are now overwhelmed? Already have a plan but have lost focus? Have a training question and need guidance on? These consultations can be designed to focus on anything you need help with in regards to your training and lifestyle. Not sure if I can help you? Feel free to drop an email and see if a consultation is for you.

  • choose your plan

  • Amount of spaceAmount of space
  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • No. of e-mail accountsNo. of e-mail accounts
  • No. of MySql databasesNo. of MySql databases
  • 24h support24h support
  • Support tickets per mo.Support tickets per mo.
  • Consultation

  • $125

  • Amount of spaceGot a plan and need help?
  • Bandwidth per monthHave you been training yourself and are close to a race and want more guidance?
  • No. of e-mail accountsno
  • No. of MySql databasesno
  • 24h supportno
  • Support tickets per
  • no
  • Advantage Program

  • $475

  • Amount of spaceSimply put this is private coaching.
  • Bandwidth per month
  • No. of e-mail accounts10 accounts under one domainWe are a team.
  • No. of MySql databasesWe create your season master plan.
  • 24h supportIt is personalized to your training level, needs, and goals.
  • Support tickets per mo.We have specific goals (races) for the year.
  • There is unlimited interaction between you and me.
  • Custom Plan

  • $425

  • Amount of spaceI build you a custom plan.
  • Bandwidth per month15 week plan.
  • No. of e-mail accountsPersonalized to your training level, needs, and goals for a specific race.
  • No. of MySql databasesStart with a 30 minute consultation.
  • 24h supportFinish with a one call that goes over the entire plan.
  • Support tickets per
  • no

See you at the finish line!